Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Glimpses of the 2014 EFI model in the flesh

Check out some details on the new 2014 EFI model. We have one pre-production model here in Australia with the main shipment due to arrive in March 2014. There will be some small changes between this pre-production model and the final production. We will know early January the new colour schemes and also the accessories fitted to each model that will be available for 2014. There will be some changes from what we have had before.

The bike feels great to ride!!!

Air Intake Horn Above the Alternator

Linkage from the Rear Brake to the Sidecar Master Cylinder

Adjustable Hydraulic Steering Damper

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection Pump and Plumbing, Also Note New Ignition Pickup from Top of Fly Wheel Case

Rear Master Cylinder and Hand Brake Actuating Cable

New Dashboard Including Fuel Light

Handbrake Actuating Lever

New Tyre Pump and Mounts in Trunk

New Raised Taqnk Lettering and the New Collett Mirror Mounting

Rear Brake Fluid Resevoir

New Final Drive

Rear Wheel showing the Handbrake Actuation Assembly on the Outside

View of the Sidecar Seperate Hydraulic Brake System

Vertical View of Sidecar Disc Brake

Sidecar Wheel

View of the New Front Cover with Spin-on Oil Filter